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Rullankäsittelyä, pystystä pystyyn, ja pystystä vaakaan rullat max 1000 kg, käsikäyttöiset ja suurimmat hydraulitoimiset.

Rullankäsittelyvaunut ja rullankääntölaitteet max 2000 kg

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Schlumpf nosto ja kääntö tarraimet

A variety of models offer the ability to Lift and Turn a roll and materials with the greatest of ease. They are designed for turning rolls and materials between horizontal and vertical and are available in manual and electric assist options.

Käsikäyttöiset ja pneumaattiset tarraimet kuormille max 1000 kg

Pystystä pystyyn tarraimet

The VRL family of Lifters is designed for handling rolls in a vertical position. They are offered in many standard configurations and can be customized for special application requirements. The VRL-TA series can be used to tilt rolls between horizontal and vertical.

Capacities to 1,000 kg

Schlumpf Vaakatason nostotarraimet

are used to transport rolls in a horizontal position. The unit is supported by a hoist and allows operators to to load or unload the rolls onto a machine spindle and to/from a roll cart or table.

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
  • Lift roll by the core or by supporting the outside diameter
  • Manual, powered and automatic load leveling systems available
  • Multiple tooling options available.

Erikoislaitteet ja rullankäsittelyvaunut:

Customized Handling Equipment

Schlumpf is able to quickly and cost efficiently custom design and fabricate hoist based roll handling equipment that offers you specific application advantages.

Custom Capacities

also special trolley applications for rollhandling, pls ask for more details.