Winches and lifting devices

Haacon develops individual solutions

Winches and lifting equipment on the page: Haaco HEBETECHNIK gmbh’s strength is to manufacture and design customized lifting equipment solutions such as electric winches, hand winches, rack jacks and lifting screws, duct block lifting equipment and light swivel lifts, not to mention special solutions. In many cases, the solutions can be implemented using standard components, thus saving costs.

In the Haacon program, a wide portfolio, see video: see

The competent team and technicians and engineers are satisfied when they develop customized solutions for the customer’s needs. You can find examples of special solutions from our customers’ technical information in the photo galleries. The program also includes products made of stainless steel, Haacon has a good reputation in the environmental sector.

Now also Haacon_rst devices

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Winches and lifting devices

  • Winches and lifting devices
  • Electric winches
  • Hand winches
  • Rack and pinion jacks
  • Duct closing winches
  • Motorized shutters
  • Portable light swivel lifts


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