Electric winches / Electric winches


Winches with standard dimensions or customized according to customer requirements. For loads max 50,000 kg, for pulling and lifting. Plenty of accessories.

Electric winch – accessories
Haaco electric winches

Rope winch C1

An electric hand winch that is suitable for situations where people are sitting under the load being lifted. (German Standard DGUV17). For loads 160 – 1000 kg, rope volume 15 m.

Haaco Rope winch ESF

Electric rope winch for loads 150 – 500 kg, with a short drum rope volume max 26 m, Wide range of accessories available.

Haacon Rope winch ESG

Electric winch for loads 125 – 2100 kg, with a long drum, rope volume up to 165 m,
A wide range of accessories available as well as customized solutions.

Other rope winches

Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, also customized according to customer requirements.

  • For loads up to 50,000 kg
  • For pulling and lifting
  • Plenty of accessories

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