Container lifting devices 500 – 2000 mm

Lifting devices are suitable for lifting containers from the vehicle and lowering them to the ground without a crane or forklift.

The container lifting devices are modularly designed so that even your special requirements can be implemented at a reasonable price.

The system consists of four lifting supports (legs), the load capacity of each of which is about half of the total load capacity.

Depending on the application, the following values ​​are achieved:

  • Capacity 4 – 20 t
  • Lifting height 500 – 1750 mm (option max 2000 mm)
  • Connecting to ISO corners


Industrial Lifting


A special feature is the position control based on the Position Control Innovative inclinometer:

  • Lifting and lowering functions on uneven terrain
  • Automatic slope registration
  • Slope offset 0 degrees
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Safety stop when the slope exceeds 3.5 degrees (or 6 degrees if required)
  • As an additional accessory, a control unit for lifting supports

In addition to standard lifting systems, we offer customer-specific solutions

  • Abnormal lifting height
  • Abnormal bearing capacity
  • Special connection and disconnection systems
  • Special base plates
  • Attachments for easy transport of the lifting legs
  • Asiakaskohtaisesti toiminnallisuuden ja aiotun käytön mukaan suunniteltuja järjestelmiä
  • Customer-specific systems designed according to functionality and intended use
  • Special colors and coatings
  • Expertise and advisory service in tests, test drives and equipment

Our products are TUV tested.

Each system is subjected to a load and functionality test in our own premises

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