Rack jacks

Rack and pinion jacks for lifting and lowering and height adjustment for loads from 0.5 to 10 tons.

Haaco rack jacks

Haacon mechanical jacks

Mechanical jacks according to DIN standards

The jack is durable and has a pinion gear made of high quality hardened steel. Easy and safe to handle and loading can be done either from the top or the claw. The product is very stable thanks to the large base plate.

Two models available:

  • SIKU safety crank
  • RAKU ratchet crank

The products comply with the German safety regulations BGV D 8.

Haaco rack jack 1624

The rack jack has a self-locking safety crank that holds the load in any position. The jack is easy to use and work is efficient thanks to the optimal gear ratio. The product is suitable for push or pull, load 1.5 – 10 t.

Special versions are also available upon request:

  • body length
  • lifting height
  • parallel operation with connecting shaft
  • built-in brake
  • folding crank

Rack & pinion jack 1524

Rack & pinion jack 1555

Rack & pinion jack 1624

Rack & pinion jack 1685

Rack & pinion jack 1524 Inox

Rack jack 11

Rack jack 1188

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